Don't all writers have the stories of reading beneath covers, late into the night? Of devouring books and scribbling story ideas in the margins of our school workbooks?

As my mother tells it, I came home from the first day of kindergarten and announced that I was going to be a teacher. When my first-grade teacher helped me “publish” my first book (Our Trip to the Beach, from the Ontario native who lived nowhere near one) I decided that I wanted to be a writer. I would teach during the day, write books at night, and love every minute of my life.

It's a long story that I'd love to tell you over coffee, but I didn't become a teacher, and I tucked my writing dreams far away. Unrealistic. Impossible.

I have had an embarrassing number of jobs in the last 9.5 years. Some were wonderful, some were horrific, but none of them had much staying power. It was starting to look like the job I needed didn't exist.

And then a friend said to me, “what did you love to do as a girl?”

The answer to that question brought me here. I dusted off my English degree, remembered how much I love to help people make their writing great, and started LindsayEdits.

Because of my story, I understand what it feels like when you've left your dreams collecting dust. I know what it feels like to stare at obstacles that seem insurmountable.

LindsayEdits is here to make sure editing isn't one of those obstacles. I have a variety of packages for you, whether you're looking for copy edits, content and development help, or anything in between. And they’re affordable. Because my passion is indie authors who are busting their asses to make their dreams come true, and might not have a ton of cash at the ready.

I have a passion for words, an eye for detail and an understanding of language that will help bring your work to the next level. Check out the testimonials, e-mail me for a consultation, ask any questions you like.

And if you're not quite ready for that yet? Well, sign up for my newsletter, Limitless, where we'll tackle good writing from an editor's perspective, and where you can get a sneak peek into promotions and developments for LindsayEdits, as well as first priority for editing services, whenever you're ready for that.

I'm also talking writing and editing on Instagram and you can connect with me on Twitter too.

Here's to the breakthrough, friends.